Posted by: cocacolacoporateamerica | March 23, 2009

Hello world!

Welcome to the Coca-Cola Company’s Publicity Blog! This is where we will be giving fans the heads up on a some of latest and new products, along with some of our new upcoming advertising campaigns.

So keep your eyes peeled! New announcements will be coming along shortly.

P.S. Tell your friends! The more hits this website gets the better.

P.P.S Also, this site won’t be covered with annoying online advertisements about online dating, diet tips, onlineĀ  videogames, or the like. This is Coca-Cola. We are literally drowning in money. We can afford our own servers.

P.P.P.S Before you grammar Nazis out there start mass sending any more emails to us about our username, YES, we realize that there is a spelling error. The idiot that created the site for us has already been fired, and no, there is absolutely no way to change the name without deleting the whole site, which would cause a huge problem for the fans that have already bookmarked this page. So please. Bear with us, and no more hate mail. It hurts our feelings.


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