Posted by: cocacolacoporateamerica | March 26, 2009

Sneaky Pete Talks Backlash

Word has gotten out that the infamous Sneaky Pete is in charge of Backlash. So naturally, we offered out another interview invitation. Surprisingly, he accepted this time. We hope that this interview is going to reveal more information about the movie itself, considering how little is known about the movie itself. The set is sealed airtight, and no one has been able to go on set without special clearance.

Warning: Explicit Language, NSFW

CCCPB: So, thanks for finally accepting our interview request. But before we get into the movie itself, tell us, how have you reacted to the somewhat negative publicity from the Scat and 6 interviews?

Sneaky Pete: Well, as I had said earlier, Coca-Cola Fukk is my own creation. Also, the “lunch meeting” that supposedly happened in the strip club never happened. A bunch of lies and hot air can’t generate much negative publicity now they? I just simply brushed them off and moved onwards.

CCCPB: Of course. So you are now on the fast track to becoming Vice President of Coca Cola’s Marketing Department?

Sneaky Pete: That’s right.

CCCPB: Wow! That is ridiculous. You’re like what 27 years old? Congratulations! So lets talk about Backlash. We know the basic premise of the movie, but that’s about it.

Sneaky Pete: Well, Coca-Cola has put a large amount of investment inside this movie. We have invested around one hundred forty million dollars inside this project.

CCCPB: Wait Wait. A hundred forty million f*cking dollars?!

Sneaky Pete: Yes. A hundred. Forty million. F*cking dollars. Pepsi has been doing product placements for years. Its our turn now. The movie is being directed by the critically acclaimed director Howard Kline, and all the actors are A list celebrities, including Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow and Winona Ryder. The whole Hollywood movie machine jumped on the bandwagon. Tom Cruise plays the main protagonist, a burly Marine that’s leading the assault against the aliens. Winona Ryder plays the alien queen, who is leading the assault against Earth, and Gwyneth Paltrow plays Tom Cruise’s love interest.

CCCPB: Wow. This movie has a lot of potential. What about effects, music, scenery, set design etc?

Sneaky Pete: We have full teams working on each of those different aspects. John Williams is in charge of the music, and is working with various artists to come up with our movie’s soundtrack. We have the team that did the special effects for 300 and Watchmen do the special effects for our film, and are also working on the scenery. Actually, we have multiple teams working on special effects. Our costume design is something that I am particularly proud of. The team managed to slide in something related to Coca-Cola in all the costumes, even the extra’s costumes. It’ll be fun for the fans to pick out the various Coca-Cola signs and logos.

CCCPB: You have gotten me even more excited for this movie, if that’s even possible.

Sneaky Pete: I bet. Now if you will excuse me, I have a lunch meeting to attend to.

CCCPB: Ah. Another “lunch meeting”?

Sneaky Pete: You could say that.

This movie is going to amazing. The whole cast is made up of Hollywood A listers and the movie is being directed by Howard f*cking Kline! The guy is a genius!

Remember guys! May 15, 2009!


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