Author Info: Max Barry

Max Barry is an Australian writer who was born March 18, 1973, and lives in Melbourne, Australia, where he writes full-time. He says the main benefit from writing full time is that he can do his job in boxer shorts. He wrote Syrup under the name Maxx Barry, adding an extra X to his name. He thought it would be a funny joke about marketing, but “failed to realize everyone would assume he was a pretentious *sshole”.

He published his second novel, Jennifer Government, without an extra X, and it sold much better. He also wrote and developed the online political game NationStates, which has been played by over a million people. His third novel, Company, was published in 2006.

He also writes essays and short stories, and has his own blog, which he has been posting to regularly.  He also owns the website Tales of Corporate Oppression, “exposing cruel and unusual workplaces since 2005”.

His three novels are also being converted into movies. Barry has recently finished writing the screenplay for Syrup, which was optioned by Fortress Entertainment. Universal Pictures has acquired screen rights to Company, which will be adapted by Steve Pink. Jennifer Government has also been optioned by Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney’s Section 8 Films.

Max Barry in all his glory

Max Barry in all his glory


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